Exploring Castle Town Takada and Popular Sweets in Joetsu

Flat course, TTL 9.9km, about 4 hour

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Takada Castle Site Park is famous as one of Japan’s top three destinations for nighttime cherry blossom viewing, and the town of Takada, which thrived as the castle town of Takada Castle, continues to captivate visitors with its nostalgic atmosphere and well-preserved old machiya (traditional townhouses). And from century-old traditional Japanese confectionery shops to the latest trendy sweets, you can savor a variety of sweets on a cycling tour while exploring tourist spots.


FURUSATTO : One minute from the west exit of Shinkansen Joetsu-Myoko Station

■Kotake Seika

Established for approximately 100 years, the venerable bakery in Joetsu.
Sandwich bread with buttercream filling is a popular choice.

■AMEYA :Takahashi Magoemon Shoten

It is Japan’s oldest candy shop that manufactures and sells candies along the historic road, old Hokkoku Kaido Road. Their most famous candy is called ‘okina ame,’ made from starch syrup and agar.

■Kyu Shidancho Kansha : The old division director’s house

The old division director’s house is one of the few remaining wooden buildings in the city, built in 1910, and it is a unique structure that blends Japanese and Western styles.


Mochiya confectionery store with a retro atmosphere
Freshly baked mochi and dango are popular

■Takada Joshikouen Sanju Yagura : Takada Castle Three-story-Turret

The three-story turret, built in 1614 and restored in 1993, was the symbol of Takada Castle.
Inside the building is a historical museum.

■Takada Komachi

Exchange facility in a townhouse built more than 100 years ago that has been restored and utilized. Visitors can tour Takada’s historic townhouses from the inside.

■Taga-cha Baisensho : TAGA TEA ROASTERY

A store where carefully selected tea leaves are roasted in front of you and you can enjoy aromatic Japanese tea.


Echigo Tokimeki Railway Takada Station