Visit the traces of the railroad while feeling the wind of the Sea of Japan

Flat course, TTL 18.9km, about 4 hour

Joetsu Bicycle Rental offers guided cycling tours for inbound foreign visitors to Japan.
In this tour, experienced guides with local knowledge will take groups and families to enjoy the scenery of Joetsu and ride through the city on a mama-chari bicycle.

Starting from Naoetsu, the birthplace of Niigata Prefecture’s railroad system. You can proceed to the Kubiki Bicycle Path along the coast, taking in the scenery of the Gotsu Coast that appears as you pass through the town. Then, from there, you can ride through the scenery with retro station buildings and railroads, or ride along the seaside path along the Kubiki Bicycle Path, which was built on the site of a former railroad line. The goal of the cycling course, which is full of photo spots, is Umiterasu Nadachi. At Umiterasu Nadachi, you can shop for souvenirs and marine products, and enjoy hot springs.


Echigo Tokimeki Railway Naoetsu Station

■Gotsu Coast

Gotsu Coast with its beautiful sea scenery that appears as you pass through the town of Naoetsu.

■Tanihama Tetsumi Deck

Enjoy the railroad scenery from the Tanihama Tetsumi Deck, which was built just to view the railroad.

■Tanihama Park : A hill with a view of the sea

The view of the Sea of Japan from Tanihama Park on the hill is spectacular.

Railroad photography enthusiasts go to great lengths to get here, waiting all day for a photo opportunity.

■Arimagawa Station

Arimagawa Station is popular for its old station building and sea view.

■Torigakubi Tunnel

Torigakubi Tunnel is a shelter that tells the history of the old railroads that protected trains on he precipitous cliffs.
We can go through it.

■Goal  Umiterasu Nadachi

With a large bath, restaurant, fresh fish market, and hotel, “Umiterasu Nadachi” will satisfy you by shopping for souvenirs and dining. A dip in the hot spring will relieve the fatigue of your bicycle tour.