Historic Road Slow Cycling and Sushi Chef Experience

Slightly downhill course, TTL 14.8km, about 4 hour

Joetsu Bicycle Rental offers guided cycling tours for inbound foreign visitors to Japan.
In this tour, experienced guides with local knowledge will take groups and families to enjoy the scenery of Joetsu and ride through the city on a mama-chari bicycle.

This tour will take you on a slow bicycle ride down the traces of the historic road that still remains today, leading from Myoko, an area of heavy snowfall, to Arai Station. You will enjoy old shrines that make you feel spiritual, the vast countryside, the magnificent view of Myoko Mountain.
At lunch time, enjoy the “Sushi Chef Experience” where you can make sushi using fresh fish from Joetsu.


Meet at Sekiyama Station on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway.
Bicycles will be provided at Sekiyama Station, located at the foot of 2454-
meter-high Mt. Myoko, the symbol of the Joetsu and Myoko areas.

■Sekiyama Shrine

Experience the mountain spring water purification at a historic shrine that became the center of mountain faith in Myoko Mountain.

■Nakago area’s railroad scenic spots

Taking a short detour from the Historic Road, old Hokkoku Kaido from Sekiyama to Nihongi Station, we will cycle through the countryside.
The view from the top of the hill is the best spot to take pictures of the rice fields spreading out before your eyes,the railroad running in the middle of the fields, and a panoramic view of Myoko Mountain in the distance.
The timing of the train passing by is a great photo opportunity.

■Nihongi Station

This is the only station in Niigata Prefecture that still has
a switchback platform.
The station building and other structures built between
the Meiji and Showa eras have been designated a Tangible
Registered Cultural Property of Japan, and the retro
atmosphere is popular among railroad fans.

■Historic Road : Old Hokkoku Kaido Road

The Hokkoku Kaido, an important road connecting Joetsu and Nagano to Edo (now Tokyo), still retains traces of people’s daily lives.
Visitors will enjoy the journey while observing the ingenuity of the people who built houses to survive in the heavy snowfall.

■Sushi Chef Experience “Sushi-Yoshi

At Sushi-Yoshi in Arai, an post-town on the Hokkoku Kaido Road, visitors can learn how to make nigiri sushi from a professional sushi chef.
Enjoy tasting fresh fish from Joetsu.

■GOAL えちごトキめき鉄道新井駅

Option [Participation on foot from Arai Station]
■Kiminoi Sake Brewery

Established in 1842.
You can visit and enjoy sample sake at this 180-year-old traditional sake brewery.Why not visit after the cycling is over?

Tour Map