Easygoing bicycle Joetsu exploration : 3 Guided Bicycle Tours You Should Join in Joetsu

Joetsu will organize a guided cycling course this fall.
English and Taiwanese interpreter guides will ride bicycles and cycle with you. The guides, who live in the area, will talk about life in the snow country, delicious food, and show you spots with spectacular views as they proceed with the tour.
There are three types of tours.
The mountain course, the town course, and the sea course, each of which offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the charms of Joetsu. We hope you enjoy them.

Joetsu Cycling A  Sekiyama to Arai

Historic Road Slow Cycling and Sushi Chef Experience
Slightly downhill course, TTL 14.8km, about 4 hour

Joetsu Cycling B Joetsu-Myoko Station to Takada

Exploring Castle Town Takada and Popular Sweets in Joetsu

Flat course, TTL 9.9km, about 4 hour

Joetsu Cycling C   From Naoetsu to Nadachi

Cycling course to visit the traces of the railroad while feeling the wind of the Sea of Japan

Flat course, TTL 18.9km, about 4 hour